How To Better Understand Your Skin 

Our skin changes with each passing season, with fall in full swing we will see that our skin needs to be analyzed differently.  The best time of day to analyze and determine our skin type is in the morning in a clean rested state.  This gives you an indication on how to best treat your skin during any particular season, and what products to use.  Just as we change our clothes for the season we should also customise our skincare.

Generally speaking, the colder weather brings dehydration, dryness, and flakiness.  Fall is a great time to visit your skin care specialist to discuss what changes your skin is having and, have a facial to treat it.  For home care I would recommend exfoliating more often to get rid of unwanted flakiness followed by an antioxidant mask change your moisturiser to increase hydration.

Each Season brings new skin challenges!

For those who get break outs.  The body may be producing more oils to hydrate the surface of the skin leaving even more breakouts.  More moisture is still needed to keep the skin balanced.  Treat breakouts with a spot treatment to pin point specific areas.  With that said some products I recommend to better help your skin adjust to the season change would be:

We use Dermalogica

  1. Pre Cleanse, a light weight olive apricot kennel oil based cleanser used as you first step in the cleansing process, it will hydrate the skin, remove make-up and prevent stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

  2. Skin Prep scrub, a corn cob meal exfoliant will remove the dry flakiness and prep the skin to better absorb needed serums and moisturizers. 

  3. Daily resurfacer a leave on liquid exfoliant used to help combat fine lines, retain moisture and reduce pigmentation from the summer months.

  4. Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque an anti aging product to boost moisture, increase anti oxidants in the skin and give you a beautiful healthy glow.  Leave a thin layer on overnight and wash off in the morning to gie you skin a much needed dose of regeneration.  One of my favorite products.

Our skin changes with age and the seasons, and should be analyzed 3-4 times a year to better treat its needs