A client recently asked why I seem to promote our boutique and spa services more than our salon services, and to be honest, I hadn’t noticed! Now that it’s been brought to my attention, I’ve put some thought into it and realised there are several reasons why I may favour the spa and boutique side of the business on social media:

Many women consider salon services a standard, almost like an expense they factor into their monthly budget, whereas many see spa services as a luxury. When times are tough, they will forego a pedicure, facial, or body treatment, but they typically won’t stop maintaining their hair. Essentially, I assumed the salon takes care of itself and doesn’t need as much help with marketing.

We often see spa services as a time for self care. It’s important that we each take time to care for ourselves, and we like to remind our clients to find the time to take care of themselves (with help from us, of course!).

As for the boutique, we carry mostly locally-made or Canadian-made products! I feel it’s important–for both our community and our economy–that we support these companies and small businesses, which is why I take special care in promoting them on social media.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I will be sure to give the salon and my talented stylists a little more social media love going forward. Happy New Year!

Jodi Luke