With the warm weather HERE and summer sports in full swing I thought I should share this story.  A few months ago I brought my step son into my salon for a pedicure.  He’s 10, and to be honest his father and I had slightly neglected his toes over the winter.  His dad came to me telling me about the dry skin around his toes, and the longish nails our young man didn’t want trimmed.  I kindly told him I don’t deal with feet!  I don’t like other people’s feet and my wonderful step son was no exception.  I employ amazing spa staff that actually like feet.  Why would I want to deal with these smelly little boy feet?  So, that was it, he was destined to come to the SALON for a PEDICURE, Yes, a 10 year old boy was going to have his first PEDICURE.  I thought I was being cute when I used his icloud email when booking the appointment, so he would get a reminder.  He got the reminder on his Ipod, but didn’t confirm.   So he thought he wouldn’t have to come in.  He was wrong.  Dad brought him in anyways.  I warned Tara (esthetician) that he was coming, and that he had some dry skin around his toes which I hadn’t seen, but had his dad concerned.  She was thrilled to hear our young man was coming to see her, and commented that she wished more young boys came in, and how important it is for athletic kids to take care of their feet.

     I heard there was some argument in the truck on the way as our wonderful little boy wasn’t interested in having a pedicure.  What did he know he’d never had one?  Why not introduce him to one of my favorite services?  When they came I advised his dad to go with him, so he would be comfortable.  He had his Ipod rather than a People magazine as our lady clients would prefer.  He soon found that pedicures are a wonderful thing.   Our boy loved soaking his feet in the nice smelling water, but his favorite part was the warm towels at the end before Tara gave him a little massage with lotion.  He loved that his nails were filed not just clipped so they weren’t scratchy.  Only a few days after he was asking when he could come in for his next pedicure.  Yup we converted a 10 yr old boy to pedicures.  He LOVED it!  He was delighted to have such clean feet, and it enjoyed the experience.  His Dad, after watching is now wanting one too.  I’ve created two monsters, what was I thinking?

     So mom’s, step moms, and grandma’s I ask you.  Why don’t we bring these young men in for pedicures?  Ladies we all wish our spouses would get pedicures but simply can’t convince them.  Let’s start with the next generation, let’s make our next generation of men feel proud to take care of their feet.  I can understand men not wanting to go to the “nail salon.”  You know the ones that have a row of women soaking on display for anyone walking by to see.  A private room like ours is the perfect place to introduce them to this wonderful experience, not to mention the health benefits.  http://www.mensxp.com/grooming/skin-care/9107-5-reasons-why-men-should-get-a-pedicure.html   We are quick to share our healthy indulgence with little girls, why not young boys too?  Let’s start them young so they can enjoy the benefits.