Is lash and brow tinting right for me?

Last years bold, thick eyebrpw trend is here to stay for 2016!  A well-groomed brow has thte power to grame your face and enhance your features.  Full brows instantly give your face a more symmetrical appearance, but who wants to add more time to their beauty routine spent on  darkening your eyebrows?

The tiniting process.

A vegetable-based dye is used for both brow and eyelash tinting procedures.  For the brows the dye is painted directly on the brow for appoximately 10 minutes and then removed with a warm cotton pad. Keep in mind, the tint does not act as a tattoo would, and only dyes the existing hairs.

Lash tinting takes approximately 20 minutes.  The eyes are closed during this treatment and vaseline is applied on top of the lid to protect them.  A damp cotton pad is placed underneath the bottom lash.  The tint mixture is then applied on the lashes and similar to the brows, the residual tint is wiped with a warm cotton pad when finished processing.

Who should try it?

Whether you are a woman always on the go, hitting the gym or just lack the time, brow and lash tints are great for everyone!  The semi-permanent dye is vegetable-based, there is no danger of blindness and safe for all clients, eve expecting moms.  Well defined and groomed brows are the pertect way to streamline your beauty routine.  Plus, the brow day can be customised to the colour you desire.  While, lash tints work best on clients with lighter-coloured lashes to enhance their natural length.  Let’s say goodby to runnin mascara ladies!


 Lash and brow tinting will last approximately four weeks, keeing in mind each client differs.  Exposure to sunlight and chemically treated pools may decrease the longevity of the tint.  In addition, oil based cleansers or moisturizers may also have affects on the tint colour.