It is estimated that over 70% of women colour their hair, so it is very important that we all know how to keep our dyed hair looking vibrant and shiny – AND full of colour. Unfortunately, colouring your hair also makes it more porous, which means it absorbs and releases moisture and nutrients more readily. This in turn can result in a loss of the colour molecules each time you wet your hair. Follow the tips below, though, and you will retain that moisture and nutrients in your hair AND have your hair retaining its colour. Read on!


  1. Use a high quality hair colour (like Goldwell) that has conditioning properties: use only colours with natural oils that will continue to condition your hair as time goes on. Your colour-treated hair will better retain moisture and will stay looking healthy and full of shine.


  1. Choose the right colour: did you know red hair tints fade and lose colour faster? This is because they have the biggest molecules of any hair colour, which in turn makes it harder for them to penetrate deep into your hair and thus they are washed away more easily. You are better off going for other colours. But if you must have red, get your hair stylist to use a tint that has maximum, high definition colour results whilst applying minimal stress to your hair.


  1. Wash your hair less often: this is a no-brainer! Wash your hair less often, and prevent the water from washing your colour away. Your hair will better retain moisture and natural oils as well. Shampoo your hair only two or three times a week in order to keep your colour and maintain health in your hair.


  1. Between washes, use a dry shampoo (like the KMS Makeover spray) on coloured hair: this will help your hair retain oils and keep it looking healthy and full of colour.


  1. AFTER colouring, wait a few days before shampooing it: wait at the minimum 48 hours, preferably even longer. This gives the colour time to set


  1. Only wet your hair when shampooing it: between washes, keep your hair completely dry by wearing a shower cap when bathing – or you can pull it back or up into a ponytail or bun. Keeping your hair dry will prevent the colour from being washed away


  1. Lower the water temperature when you shampoo your hair: you don’t need to resort to ice cold showers, but sticking to lukewarm temperature will help your hair retain the colour longer. You see, really hot water strips the colour from your hair because it opens up the hair strands and makes them more porous, so that the dye molecules seep out.


  1. Condition every time you shampoo: be sure to use a colour protecting conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. It will help your hair look shinier and prevent it drying out. On occasion, skip the shampoo entirely and simply moisturize your hair with conditioner. Again, using shampoo too often will leach colour from the hair more quickly.


  1. Purchase products recommended by professionals: be sure to always use colour protecting shampoos and conditioners on your dyed hair. This will ensure your colour lasts longer, and will help your hair stay looking healthy.


  1. Avoid excessive use of blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons: colour treated hair is more prone to damage so try to let your hair dry naturally. If you must use heat, choose the lowest setting, and use a heat-protecting product like a hairspray or leave in conditioner. Similarly, better stay away from hair trimmers and using them on your own hair. Because, while these hair trimming devices are great for pros and beginners, if you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up doing more harm than good!


  1. Chop off damaged hair: and lastly, make sure you cut off the damaged part of the hair frequently, because monthly hair chops will ensure that all the damaged hair is gone and you are left with only healthy locks. Just remember to ask your hairstylist to cut off only the damaged portion of your mane, because otherwise you will be losing your hair length fast!