When purchasing a gift card for a loved one, consider where they like to visit, shop, or eat. If you’re not sure, ask for a recommendation: “Hey Coworker, I want to buy a gift card for X,” or “I’m going for dinner with a friend from out of town. Any suggestions? I’d like to go somewhere new.”

If you find the perfect gift card but are worried it still needs to be more personal, add a handwritten note or a little bag of homemade cookies. If you’re anything like me, you’ll buy some cookies in a cute shop and not correct anyone who assumes you made them. 😉

When purchasing a gift card for a salon & spa, remember that most ladies consider hair services a monthly maintenance expense. Spa services are a real treat! Giving a gift card for a spa service gives the gift of relaxation and self-care.

If holiday spending is gets a little out of control, don’t fret! Any monetary value from $5 to $1000 can be used towards whatever spa service your loved one wants or needs, but always keep the type of service in mind. Choose a facial, pedicure, or spa day rather than a colour and cut. You wouldn’t give your loved one a gift card to pay their phone bill, would you? If you choose to purchase a gift card for any dollar amount, consider attaching a note saying something like, “please use this to treat yourself”. More often than not, gift cards for salons & spas can also be used toward home care products as well!

Don’t be afraid to give a gift card; take extra care to add a personalized message. Gift cards are like a double gift: you not only get the gift card, you then get to go out shopping with it, too!