Each day we feel at Just Us Boutique Salon and Spa that we help our clients change with our salon and spa services. Having dedicated seven wonderful years to this location, we decided that it was finally time to embrace change  and give our little place a well deserved makeover. Wanting to keep it as relevant as possible, we made a more boutique style waiting area where you can feel relaxed and ready for your appointment. We understand that at a salon and spa, the experience starts for you as soon as you step through the doors. With our new waiting area, we’ve added a fresh, new and airy area where we hope you can feel more at ease, relaxed and forget about the worries of your tiring day. At Just Us Boutique Salon and Spa, you can be sure that you’ll have an amazing time once you step through our doors.

Going ‘Local’

Big changes are afoot for everyone and we haven’t just improved on our waiting area, we’ve also enhanced our retail section by improving the products we have to offer. Now, you can easily buy the following, locally produced products, stocked in our inventory along with our regular products:

  • Handmade pillows by Harpermade, 
  • Jewellery by FreckleFace 
  • Essential Oils by Kelly, 
  • BonBom bath boms
  • Succulants by Chez Fleur
  • Remarkable Woodworks 

We’re really excited about our latest additions and they are well-worth the hype. We sample loads of products and only when we LOVE something do we choose to share it with our clients.  Our retail section is great if you’re looking for a last minute gift or just want to try a little somtehin somethin.  We enjoy making life more convenient and with our retail section, we’re hoping we can effectively cater to your needs.

As always “we love what we do and it shows”  Always working to make your experience at Just Us something to remember.