My time in Toronto was amazing!  

Magazine, television, management, event planning, contests, you name it I experienced it all.  I worked HARD, and within 6 months I went from new girl to salon manager.  My parents and teachers were right HARD WORK paid off.  

One of the staff didn’t appreciate the new girl moving up the ladder so quickly, she left.  I was horrified when my boss told me she left due to my recent promotion, he told me not to worry that he knew it was worth it and was sure I could take over her clients.  He was right, and I did.  

Best Move Of My Career!

Less than a year into my Toronto Life I was a salon manager with a full clientele, which would normally take years to build.  I took advantage and soaked it all in. Learned and experienced all I could while I was there.  It seems so long ago now, but it will always be with me and a huge part of the stylist/salon owner that I am today.  

Working in Toronto was the best move for my career, but as I matured I came to realize that I didn’t want to live there permanently, and the cost of home ownership made it near impossible.  

It became clear that if I wanted to own my own home, and possibly my own salon it would be best to come back to the Shwa.  I knew I would need the support from my family and friends.  It was pretty easy to find a job with my experience and portfolio.  

Coming Home!

I started at a beautiful salon in whitby, a friend and former employee joined me shortly after.  While being interviewed that question came up again, did I want to be a stylist or a colourist.  I was shocked that they were even asking and was quick to explain that there was no way I would choose.  Although they were a specialising salon they accepted the fact that I was going to do both or not work there at all.  

I was strangely nervous working in a new salon, and not looking forward to starting the building process again.  It can take so long to build a clientele, but I got lucky someone had just left on mat leave so there were some clients in need of a temporary stylist.  

Things were good, after a few short months I was the top earner in the salon.  My new boss loved me and treated me well. Why wouldn’t he I was making him money! 

As time went on my boss started working less and demanding more of me.  “The honeymoon was over.”   This routine followed me to a few more salons.  Everyone loves the new girl who brings in clients and makes money till they get used to spending that extra money, then they want more from you.  

I remember being told, by one salon owner that if I didn’t sell more retail my service commission would be cut by 5%.  She actually said “If you think about it you really just need to sell one more hairspray a week to make your goal.“  

The Push For Change

I was shocked that they would even consider cutting my commission over one more hairspray a week.  It would actually make more sense for me to purchase that hairspray at full price myself then take the 5% decrease.  

When I pointed out to them that I was the top earner in the salon and due to my experience, I charged more for services than others my retail to service ratio was unfair they didn’t seem to care.  

So JUST US SALON was born, in hindsight, I guess I should thank them!